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St Albans Elka Cape

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Mohair is naturally warm and lightweight, can be easily coloured and has a beautiful sheen.

DURABLE: Mohair is that rare blend of exquisite beauty and total functionality. Mohair fibres offer high tensile strength and elasticity which makes it hard wearing, soil resistant and non-felting.

WARM: Mohair fibres are naturally anti-bacterial and have fabulous insulation properties that help keep our bodies just as cool in summer as they do warm in winter.

SENSITIVE: Mohair is hypoallergenic; it doesn't contain lanolin making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Keeping it clean is as easy as airing it in the sun.

NATURAL: Mohair doesn't contain the harmful chemical toxins often found in synthetic and non-organic clothing.

LUXURIOUS: Lustre is what Mohair is famous for more than any other animal fibre. Mohair has the ability to be dyed brilliant colours that resist both time and the elements.

Experience the natural luxury and beauty of Mohair.Mohair is a durable and resilient textile. It has a unique insulating quality making this poncho an essential for winter days.

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